A Kablo / Our Culture of Quality

Quality is an indispensible part of our culture. Product quality means much more than a sustainable business model for the A Kablo family.

The “Quality Culture” that we had adopted as a family is not only shaping our commercial activities but also our way of life as a grace for attitudes and manners. The basic consideration underlying our industry specific success is exactly our sensitivity for quality which we retain from the phase of product planning to the phase of delivery. Principles such as minimum amount of wastage and cost and manufacturing products meeting all the legal standards in the shortest time possible have shaped our commercial activities being irreplaceable extensions of our understanding of sustainable quality.

A Kablo Occupational Health and Safety Policy

In A Kablo Industry and Commerce Inc. (A Kablo San. Tic. A.Ş.) we act with the knowledge of creating the required awareness and culture of occupational health and safety in all of our employees including the top management. Therefore we have made it our objective to determine the hazards that might cause industrial accidents and occupational diseases during our operations and to manage the risks and to establish a culture of prevention regarding the possible hazardous situations and behaviours after proper risk assessments.
For the purposes of providing the continuity of our efforts, we hereby guarantee and declare to the public to;

  • Establish an Occupational Health and Safety System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety System,
  • Conform to all of the relevant legal legislations regarding occupational health and safety within all of our operations,
  • Train and create awareness in all of our employees in order to provide health and safety for all,
  • Provide the contribution of all of our employees and suppliers to all of our relevant procedures,
  • Plan and arrive at measurable targets for sustainable development.

A Kablo Environmental Policy

A Kablo is determined to voluntarily and consciously establish and implement an environmental management system created in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. Our fundamental objective is to sustain our commercial and industrial entity at peace with the environment. In our firm we are going to establish, implement and adhere to a system that would evaluate and minimise the effects on the environment of our products starting from the supply of the raw materials all the way to the stages of waste disposal. We are going to continuously create and realise studies and projects that would increase our environmental performance. We are going to try maximum amount of energy saving in order to decrease our use of natural resources. It is our constant objective to sustain our environmental studies on the basis of knowledge, using the state of the art technology and with the participation of all our personnel. We therefore hereby guarantee to undertake our investments without polluting the environment and to conform to the domestic environmental legislations, regulations, legal requirements and international agreements.

A Kablo Quality Policy

The Quality Policy Supporting the Mission of A Kablo is as follows:
As all the employees of A Kablo, our quality policy is to meet the existing and future needs and requests of everybody who is in the position of being our customers all the way down to the end users with the products of the highest possible quality, with a lower level of wastage, a lower level of costs, within the frame work of all the legal conditions, within the shortest time possible, using a robust and ever improving quality system, in a clean, orderly and trustworthy working environment, within a corporate culture based on the foundations of mutual love and respect and continuous development and training of our diligent personnel and to sustain such trust established through our understanding of modern management with a progressing curve.